Contec SpO2 Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

SpO2 Assistant from Contec Medical Systems is the primary platform for reporting SpO2 data on a Windows computer. CMS50EW, CMS60DW and CMS60C all use SpO2 Assistant for data management.

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SpO2 Assistant reference manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

The computer won't recognize the device. See CP210x connection issues for more details.

How to archive the stored data in a computer. See Download data in SpO2 Assistant for more details.

How to delete data saved in the device. When one enables the recording function, the old data is wiped out automatically.

For some devices, one can delete the data from the software. Attach the device to the monitor and then select File >> Device Stored Data >> Select User >> Delete Data.

Where is my data files saved in the computer? By default, the files are stored in a sub-folder located in the directory when SpO2 Assistant was installed. In most cases, it would be in "c:\Program Files\SpO2 Assistant\Data" (compatibility files). The data file has an extension of "SpO2". You should find a file named "demo.SpO2" there.

With the later versions of Windows (Vista, 7 and 8), the actual location would be "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\SpO2 Assistant\Data." For the sake of security and ease of maintenance, Windows prevents software from writing into the "Program Files" directory directly; Windows creates a Virtual Store for saving the data and different users using the computer can have their own virtual stores.

Can one computer interface with multiple devices? According to the manufacturer, with the latest version of SpO2 Assistant, it can work with up to 4 devices. Each device would need its own copy of software running.

Can I monitor the patient from another room? There is a way if you are desperate enough and are willing to go an extra step. I can think of two possibilities.

  1. If you want to capture the warning beeps only, you can use a baby audio monitor that has a microphone to capture the beeping sound and relay the sound to a remote loudspeaker. This is the simplest approach.
  2. Place a computer (local) in the same room as the patient; then run the SpO2 Assistant on the local computer from a remote computer via a remote desktop session. You can even monitor multiple devices concurrently on the same remote computer.

Disclaimer: I have not tried this personally; but it sounds reasonable. I would like to hear your feedback (

The Bluetooth connection does not work. Contec Medical System's Bluetooth software is designed and tested with the Bluetooth driver that comes with Windows. Some third party Bluetooth drivers (e.g. IVT) may caused problems. You may need to uninstall the third party driver and fall back to the default Windows driver.

The manufacturer suggested to use Bluetooth adapters based on the CSR master chip. These adapters do not required any additional driver to work and they are cheap. Contact your store for help.

The Bluetooth connection passkey is 7762. However one should not need it when pairing the computer with the device. SpO2 Assistant would automatically connect to the device.

The Bluetooth connection suddenly stops working on my computer. The BCM2045 Bluetooth Module update from Broadcom would cause connection problem. This update is embedded within a Windows update package. You would need to remove this update.