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Contec Medical patient monitor PM50

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Ambulatory Patient Monitor PM50 User Manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

PM50 and ABPM50 are sister products. One can regard a PM50 as an ABPM50 with a oximeter probe. Many questions in the FAQ section of ABPM50 Support page are applicable for PM50.

How to install the driver in Windows 8? Windows 8 would prevent the driver from being installed as it is not digitally signed. To get around this issue, disable the driver signature enforcement before installing the software. To disable this feature:

  • From Charms bar, select Settings >> "Change PC settings" >> "General" >> "Restart now" in "Advanced startup section" >> "Troubleshoot" >> "Advanced options" >> "Startup Settings" >> "Restart". The computer would restart.
  • During startup, select the "Diable driver signature enforcement" option.