Home ECG/EKG Monitor ChoiceMMed MD100A12

Home ECG/EKG Monitor ChoiceMMed MD100A12

Model: MD100A12 by CHOICEMMED

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Reusable ECG Clip:
If you are interested in using ECG electrodes, please consider MD100E, which comes with the cable for electrodes. For best results, accurate and consistently stable readings the MD100A12 includes the ECG Cable and Clips reusable ECG clip.

Personal EKG Monitor Observer MD100A12 is designed for people who want to take their electrocardiogram wherever and whenever they desire, in the car, at the office or at home. The home ECG monitor MD100A12 is simple to use and easy to carry. Taking a measurement takes under a minute and the reading can be saved for archive. You can assess the status of your heart any time, which is essential to improving your heart.

The home ECG monitor MD100A12 is a handheld device that is essential for patients with cardiovascular problems. A patient can take measurements regularly and frequently to track his own status and the doctor can use the readings to discover troublesome signs and take appropriate actions. The data can be saved to a PC for monitoring the patient's progress and for future reference. There is no better way to track one's performance.

Heart attack symptoms, e.g. chest pain, out of breath, and irregular heart rate, can occur anytime and may not happen while the patient is being examined by his doctor. The patient can take a reading using the MD100A12 and then show the data to a doctor for analysis. Take a EKG measurement when the patient is experiencing a problem is the best way to capture the event.

Time is critical in treating a patient with heart problem. Proper monitoring and fast treatment are important for improving the patient's condition.

A patient should know the patterns of his "regular" EKG waveform. This would form a baseline for comparison with future readings and for detecting any changes in conditions. This would show how the patient is responding to different medications.

False heart attack can cause lots of stress and may induce a real one. Take an ECG reading would ease your mind; however you would need to have some understanding of ECG or your "normal" ECG.

Measurement Positions

ECG measurement positions

For more information on other positions, see 12-Lead ECG Measurements.

Software Screens

Software is provided for saving the data into computer files and for performing analysis. The following screen shot shows the record management function.

record management

Sample of ECG Captured

ecg output

These are some examples. For more information, see 12-Lead ECG Measurements


  • FDA 510(K)# K080933
  • Measurement: ECG and heart rate
  • Leads: I, II, and III
  • Detailed EKG analysis report
  • ECG arrhythmia analysis
  • Convenient cable-free operation
  • PC software for data management and analysis
  • ECG cable and electrodes (optional)
  • Measurement in 30 seconds
  • Memory for 100 30-second ECG measurements
  • Continuous measurement supported
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto power-off in 60 seconds
  • Low battery indicator
  • Two AAA batteries included

Technical Specifications

  • Display screen: 70 x 45mm unicolor LCD
  • One measurement channel
  • Signal bandwidth: 0.5 - 75Hz
  • Sampling rate: 250Hz
  • Heart rate: 30-100bpm ±2; 101-240bpm ±4
  • Dimension: 136 x 84 x 21mm
  • Weight: 100g (not including two AAA batteries)
  • Windows supported: XP, Vista, and 7