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Pulse Oximeter as a Sleep Apnea Monitor
A full-blown sleep apnea study can be expensive and inconvenient. Nowadays with the advances in pulse oxymetry one can adopt a do it yourself attitude and test at home sleep apnea. It just takes a good overnight recording pulse oximeter and reading about the characteristics of an apnea episode. It is recommended that you use a pulse oximeter to do a preliminary study and with your results you can talk to your doctor to determine if a polysomnogram is required. In many cases, using the pulse oximeter is sufficient except for borderline cases.
How to Buy Pulse Oximeter for Home Use
When buying a finger pulse oximeter, find out what your budget and needs are and then follow the table to make a choice..
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How to Use an Ear Oximeter Probe
Using the ear clip pulse oximeter probe is not difficult, but tricky for some patients.
ChoiceMMed Fetal Doppler MD800 Support
ChoiceMMed Fetal Doppler Monitor MD800 Support Information
Meaning of Blood Oxygen Saturation SpO2
Blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) is a measure of the amount of oxygen carried in the blood. SpO2 is expressed as a percentage of the maximum amount oxygen that blood can carried.
Home ECG Monitor and its Many Uses
Home ECG monitor allows you to take a measurement anywhere and anytime you want. You may be able to catch the right signal for showing to your doctor.
How to Make the Most Use out of a Personal EKG Machine
The home ECG monitor will enable you to monitor your own heart condition if you following the steps suggested here. The monitor will not give you a diagnosis which only a doctor can do.
How Accurate is My Oscillometric Blood Pressure Monitor
The accuracy of a blood pressure monitor is dependent on how the measurement is obtained. The auscultatory monitor is the most accurate and is the reference standard for others. The most common home blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method. It is not as accurate; however it is much easier to use.
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Chart - Hypertension & Cholestrol
Hypertension has been linked to many factors and the actual cause is unclear. However, the risk of having hypertension is very real.
Understanding the MD300W1 Analysis Report
The analysis report from ChoiceMMed gives a good summary of the sleep study and the average number of apnea per hour.
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a non-invasive test to gauge the heart's condition. It records and shows the electrical signal generated by a heart when it pumps. The electrical signal synchronizes all the pumping acivities during a heart beat.
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Support
Contec ABPM50 Support Information and FAQ
CMS50FW Sleep Monitor Support
CMS50FW Sleep Monitor reference information
SpO2 Assistant - How to save data to computer
Follow these steps to download data stored in your pulse oximeter using SpO2 Assistant.