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Handheld pulse oximeter MD300W1

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal SpO2 range? At sea level, the normal range for a healthy person should be above or at 96%. Most doctors would prefer their patients to stay above 90% even for patients with respiratory problems. Supplementary oxygen may be required if the SpO2 is at low 90%. Medicare will pay for the oxygen if the SpO2 is below 88%.

How to transmit data to a Windows computer?

  1. Plug MD300W1 into an USB port on the computer. Power MD300W1 on and make sure that it stays on throughout the download.
  2. Start the software.
  3. Click "File" >> "NewDataCapture" >> "Start" to initiate the download.
  4. Select the data group you want and click "Done." This would take you to the report page.

The computer won't recognise the device. See CP210x connection issues for more details.

How do I save the data to a file after each transmission? Click "File >> Save Data" to save the current data as a "dat" file. MedView does not automatically save the data after each transmission. Data will not be saved if this step is skipped. Furthermore, MedView can only handle one data set at a time. If you get another data set, the current data set would be lost.

You can also save the data in "txt" or "xls" format if you want to process the data with other programs.

How do I delete data stored in the oximeter? Start MedView with MD300I2 connected to the PC, from File >> New Data Capture, select Delete Data to remove all data saved.

I need help in understanding the analysis report? See MD300W1 analysis report for more details.

How do I register the software? Your software is already registered for use with MD300W1. There is no need to do anything.

The display is showing "Prob Off". The probe may not be plugged in correctly. See diagram below.

how to plug in the probe

The computer won't recognise the devicee. See CP210x connection issues for more details.