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The operation for the MD300C series pulse oximeters are very similar. The primary differences are in available features, size, and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The oximeter does not turn on. This may be caused by the way that batteries are installed. Remove the batteries and you would find a diagram in the battery chamber showing how the batteries should be installed. They may not be pointing in the same direction even though the spring contacts are on the same side. Reinstall the batteries as shown in the diagram.

What is the normal SpO2 range? At sea level, the normal range for a healthy person should be above or at 96%. Most doctors would prefer their patients to stay above 90% even for patients with respiratory problems. Supplementary oxygen may be required if the SpO2 is at low 90%. Medicare will pay for the oxygen if the SpO2 is below 88%.

What is the wave showing on the display? The wave (pleth) shows the blood flow in the finger as the heart beats. It can provide some critical information, such as missing heart beats, irregular heart rhythm, poor blood perfusion.

Can MD300C be used as a sleep monitor? No, MD300C does not have a memory to save the data required for sleep study. The pulse oximeter is designed for spot check only.

Can I use MD300C on a newborn? Yes, but not easily. You need to put the baby's toe or finger between the LED lights and detectors for taking a reading. It is doable but cumbersome. We did it before.

Can MD300C be used in cold weather and at high altitude? Altitude has little effect on the proper operation of MD300C. However, if the operating temperature falls outside the operating range of 5C-40C, the reading may be off. Low temperature will also affect the blood perfusion at the fingertip, which would affect the measurement also.

What are the differences between these models? These models use similar technology and they are all accurate. The differences come from features and construction. Features, such as OLED display, alarm and pleth, are available only some models. Some are better constructed and more durable.