How To Archive Data using Keep-it-Easy Program (MD100 ECG Monitor)

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Follow the following steps to archive the data from MD100 ECG monitor:

  • Power on your MD100 ECG monitor.
  • Connect it to the computer using the USB data cable provided.
  • Start the software.
  • Create a patient record by clicking "Patient Records" and assign a patient ID and name. Without a patient record, you would not be able to save the ECG data.
  • Select "ECG Strip View" >> "Read data" to start the download.
  • After download, along with the "Reading data completed" message, it should show all the ECG measurements saved in MD100 and there should be a check mark to the right on each one. Uncheck those records that you do not want to save to the PC.
  • Select "Import ECGs" button to associate the data with a patient record. This button is located next to the "Read Data" button.
  • Select the patient associated with the data and click "OK" to save the data.
  • To view the data, click one of the three icons on the far right: ECG wave analysis, ECG record management and Replay ECG waveform.
    • ECG wave analysis
    • ECG record management
    • Replay ECG waveform