Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring - New Hypertension Diagnosis Guideline
In UK, under the 2011 guideline, a doctor should not start medications on a patient based on clinical blood pressure alone, except in severe cases.
Nighttime Blood Pressure Monitoring - Its Importance
Your nighttime blood pressure is as important as the daytime blood pressure. Research has shown that night blood pressure is a better predictor of future congestive heart failure.
How to Use a Blood Pressure Monitor Correctly
Using an automatic blood pressure monitor is simple, but to get an accurate reading requires some precautions.
Why High Blood Pressure Is Dangerous
High blood pressure is dangerous. It can affect the functioning of all your internal organs, your brain and eyes.
Interpret Your Blood Pressure Readings - Systolic, Diastolic and Pulse Pressure
High blood pressure is dangerous and can lead to all kinds of health problems. Systolic, diatolic and pulse pressure are the three numbers that you have to pay attention to. In addition one should know these numbers throughout the day.
What Influence Your Blood Pressure
There are many physical factors (e.g. blood vessel, blood viscosity) that would affect one's blood pressure. Understand them and you would be in a better position to combat them.
Chronic Diseases (Diabetes, Kidney) & Nighttime Hypertension
Nighttime hypertension (non-dipper) for a diabetic increases significantly the risk of having cardiovascular and kidney. Many research report were published in the past 3-5 years related to this particular topic.
How Accurate is My Oscillometric Blood Pressure Monitor
The accuracy of a blood pressure monitor is dependent on how the measurement is obtained. The auscultatory monitor is the most accurate and is the reference standard for others. The most common home blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method. It is not as accurate; however it is much easier to use.
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Chart - Hypertension & Cholestrol
Hypertension has been linked to many factors and the actual cause is unclear. However, the risk of having hypertension is very real.