Home ECG Monitor and its Many Uses

Home ECG monitor is highly beneficial to people with cardiac problems. Even though it can only capture one channel of data (as oppose to 12 for a complete ECG machine), it can help you to monitor your heart. Here is a list of situations where you may need it.

You should have basic understand what is ECG and what your "normal" ECG looks like. Anything differs from the norm would be cause for concern. Consult your doctor. Reading ECG for diagnostic purpose requires extensive training; leave that to the experts and do not make any assumptions.

Catch your A-fib if you can. Cardiac episodes occur anytime and anywhere, not necessary while you are in your doctor's office under a ECG machine. If you have a heart problem, your doctor would like to treat it as early as possible; however if there is no symptoms that he can find, he would be reluctant to put you on any medications.

The best time to take an ECG measurement is when you are having heart attack symptoms and you have a home ECG monitor available. Save the readings and then show them to your doctor, which would be in a better position to formulate a treatment plan.

Monitor your heart. If you are a heart patient, do you want to know how you are doing? How are you responding to the medications? You can compare your ECG waveform to a normal waveform and see your progress. Talk to your doctor on what you should be looking for.

Home ECG monitor would be handy in places liked nursing home and doctors' office for prescreening.

Poor man's Holter Monitor. A Holter monitor is a wearable ECG machine that can record and save data for further analysis. A person would wear a Holter monitor for several days hoping to capture any abnormal ECG activities. Home ECG machines do not have enough memory to save the huge amount of data; however when pair with a small netbook, data can be stored on the netbook hard drive and you have a Holter monitor. True, an ECG monitor and a netbook is bigger than a Holter monitor; however a Holter machine costs several thousands dollars and can only be used for ECG. You can get the entire poor men Holter monitor for under $500 and you can use the netbook for email, surfing internet, chat...

Evan without the 24-hour monitoring capability, you can still do it anytime you want.

False heart attack. False heart attack is almost as bad as a real one. A false one may create so much stress and leads to a real one. If an ECG monitor is available, one would be better informed on the current situation.

Prescreening patients. Taking an EKG measurement is simple and fast. If can be used as part of the routine checkup process, similar to a blood pressure monitor.