Fetal Doppler Detector AngelSounds JPD-100S

Fetal Doppler Detector AngelSounds JPD-100S

Model: JPD-100S by Jumper Medical Equipment

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AngelSounds Fetal Doppler Monitor JPD-100S uses a 3MHz ultrasound Doppler probe to detect and monitor the fetal heart beat signals. The fetal heart monitor works on the principle of measuring the blood flow through your baby's heart and make your baby's heartbeat clearly audible.

With AngelSounds ultrasound fetal Doppler, you can listen to heart beats for as early as 12 weeks. You can record them to your PC as the baby grows; you can hear the heartbeat rate decreases from 155/195 bpm to 120/170 bpm as the baby develops; you can see how your baby responds to different stimuli. Parents, think of the excitement of hearing your child's heart beats while in the womb as he responds to various stimulation.

The heartbeat sound can be recorded with an audio recorder and you can email the sound files to grandparents and friends sharing your joy.

Remember that your doctor is the best source for information and your well being. This unit is not intended to replace a doctor's visit nor to do self diagnostics.

To improve sensitivity, rub some glycerin (lotion, baby oil) or water over the lower abdomen prior to operation. This would improve the contact between the probe and skin leading. Conductive gel would help, but not required.


  • Certifications: FDA, CE
  • All-in-one design
  • 3MHz ultrasonic probe for better detection of early fetus
  • Transmission of sound to computer for recording
  • Small and light weight with stylist design


  • Ultrasound frequency: 3MHz
  • Overall sensitivity (200mm from the face of the transducer): ≥ 90dB
  • Ultrasonic emitting power: < 10mW/cm2
  • Output power: < 26mW
  • Audio output power: < 0.2W
  • Power: 9V alkaline battery
  • Dimension: 104mm (W) x 120mm (D) x 61mm (H)
  • Weight: 0.14kg (including battery)
  • Standard accessories: headset, recording cable, operation menu