Ambulatory Holter ECG Recorder DiCare-m1C

Ambulatory Holter ECG Recorder DiCare-m1C

Model: DICARE-M1C by Dimetek

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DiCare-mlC Micro Ambulatory ECG Monitor is an intelligent, reliable and easy-to-use ECG recorder/monitor. Users can use it for recording and monitoring their hearts anywhere anytime. The monitor is compact and wearable. The measurements, EKG and heart rate, are saved in a SD card, which can be accessed by a computer. This capability enables one to capture the ECG during an episode. Often the symptoms do not occur in a doctor's office and without timely evidence, it would be difficult for a doctor to diagnose any issues.

DiCare m1C Micro Ambulatory ECG Recorder has four recording modes and each one is used for different situations.

  • Quick Recording Mode: Take ECG measurement using the electrodes on DiCare m1C unit for up to 48 seconds duration. Data is automatically stored to the SD card. This mode is for spot checking.
  • Holter Recording Mode: Take ECG measurement continuously using the ECG cable and electrodes for up to 32 hours. User can mark the time during recording to tag special events. Data is automatically stored to the SD card. This mode is for continuous measurements.
  • Event Recording Mode: Record ECG measurement for a period up to 8 minutes whenever a button is pressed. The recorded data is automatically stored by default. This is similar to the Holter mode except that the recording is triggered by pressing the button and only lasts 8 minutes. This mode is for recording special episodes.
  • Monitor Recording Mode: Take ECG measurement continuously using the ECG cable for up to 24 hours. This is similar to the Holter mode except that an alarm would be turned on if the heart rate exceeds a limit. Recording is not enabled by default. This mode is for continuous monitoring.

The home ECG monitor DiCare-mlC is a hand-held device that is essential for patients with cardiovascular problems. A patient can take measurements regularly and frequently to track his own status and the doctor can use the readings to discover troublesome signs and take appropriate actions. The data is saved to a micro SD card, which can be read by a PC for monitoring the patient's progress and future referencing. There is no better way to track one's performance.

PC software is included for reporting and data management.

Heart attack symptoms, e.g. chest pain, out of breath, and irregular heart rate, can occur anytime and may not happen while the patient is being examined by his doctor. The patient can take a reading using the Micro Ambulatory ECG Monitor and then show the data to a doctor for analysis. Take a EKG measurement when the patient is experiencing a problem or continuously through out the day is the best way to capture the event.

Analysis screen

The analysis screen shown below is the primary means of reporting. It consists of multiple regions, including ECG waveform display region, P-QRS-T analysis region, and ECG recording information region.

analysis screen

The ECG waveform display region shows the ECG waveforms being examined. It is at the left side of the window and generally contains four lines of ECG waves.

The P-QRS-T analysis region at the upper right of the screen shows how the ECG displayed is compared with an ECG template, which should be your "normal" ECG.

The ECG recording information region is at the lower right of the screen and shows various information related to the measurements. The information is for reference only, not for self-diagnosis. Consult your doctor and do not make any assumptions. See Home ECG on how to best use the information provided.

Dicare-m1C information region

The above screen is from a patient with atrial fibrillation. For more sample screens, see the support page.


  • Alarm: Heart rate (in monitoring mode only)
  • Recording time: Up to 32 hours depending on operating mode
  • Operating modes: Continuous (Holter), quick recording (up to 48 seconds), event monitoring (up to 8 minutes)
  • ECG signal bandwidth: 0.05Hz - 150Hz
  • Sampling rate: 100/200/400 samples per second
  • Configurable band pass filter
  • Input signal dynamic range: > 100 dB.
  • ECG display speed: 2.5-100mm/sec.
  • Power: Two AAA alkaline batteries, up to 32 hours of usage (with screen off).
  • Weight: 85g including 2 AAA batteries
  • Dimension: 90x60x16 mm