Cardiovascular Disease Risk Chart - Hypertension & Cholestrol

The following Cardiovascular disease risk assessment charts were published in BHS (British Hypertension Society) in 2009. The charts estimates the probability of getting cardiovascular diseases based on the blood pressure and cholesterol level assuming one currently has normal heart condition and do not have other major atherosclerotic diseases. These charts are aids to determine the treatment. If one has higher risk, more aggressive intervention is required.

It is important to monitor one's cholesterol and blood pressure day and night.

The chart assumes that the person is not taking any medication that may lower the blood pressure or cholesterol. The risk would be higher otherwise.

Men cardiovascular risk chart
Men cardiovascular risk chart

CVD - Cardiovascular disease
SBP - Systolic blood pressure
TC:HDL - Total serum cholesterol to HDL (cholesterol in high-density lipoproteins) ratio

The above charts do not apply to the following type of persons

  • diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease or other major atherosclerotic disease
  • Chronic renal dysfunction
  • Hypercholesterolaemia or other inherited dyslipidaemias among family members

The risk is also higher for the following groups:

  • Those with high triglyceride levels
  • Those with close relative who has cardiovascular disease or stroke prior to 55 years old for male or 65 years old for female (This would increase the risk by 1.5 fold)
  • Women with premature menopause
  • Those who are borderline diabetes