Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff for Contec BPM

Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff for Contec BPM

Model: CMSCUFF by Contec Medical Systems

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These blood pressure monitor cuffs are designed for blood pressure monitors from Contec Medical Systems - CONTEC08C, PM50 and ABPM50. Please select the appropriate size when making a purchase.

PatientLimb CircumferenceCuff Width
Neonate9-11 cm4.8 cm
Infant10-19 cm8 cm
Child18-26 cm10.6 cm
Adult125-35 cm14 cm
Adult233 - 47 cm17 cm
Thigh46-66 cm21 cm

In general, the width of the bladder inside the cuff should be about 40% of the arm circumference and the bladder be long enough to encicle at least 80% of the adult in adults. Overlapping the ends of the bladder does not appear to introduce any error for children.

If the bladder is too small, this would result in overestimation of the blood pressure; conversely, if the bladder is too big, this would result in underestimation. The underestimation is smaller than the overestimation. So it is better to use a larger bladder than a smaller one.