Handheld Pulse Oximeter CMS60DW Support

Bluetooth pulse oximeter cms60d

Product Related Documents

CMS60D handheld pulse oximeter user manual (PDF)

SpO2 Assistant reference manual (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

SpO2 Assistant related issues. Please see SpO2 Assistant FAQ for questions related to the software.

The computer won't recognize the device. See CP210x connection issues for more details.

What is the maximum range for the Bluetooth? It is a class II Bluetooth device with a maximum range of 10m and maximum 2.5mW power.

Is there any way to extend the Bluetooth range? See SpO2 Assistant FAQ

Can CMS60D be used as a sleep monitor? Yes, CMS60D can record data for up to 24 hours and the data can be saved in a computer for analysis and reporting. An adult clip oximeter is included with the unit. It is important to keep the probe on the finger while one sleeps.

Can I use CMS60D on a newborn? Yes, but not ease without a wrap probe. Attach a wrap probe to the baby's toe or foot and plug the probe to CMS60D. Then push the ON button and start taking readings.

Without the probe, you need to put the baby's toe between the LED lights and detectors for taking a reading. It is doable but cumbersome.

Can CMS60D be used as a baby sleep monitor for combating SIDS? Yes, the baby wrap probe is required. A baby, if awake, will not let you wrap a probe around his toe or foot. Put it on while the baby is sleeping. The cable should be tied down so the baby cannot grap it.

The Bluetooth connection does not work. CMS60D is designed and tested with the Bluetooth driver that comes with Windows. Some third party Bluetooth drivers (e.g. IVT) may caused problems. You may need to uninstall the third party driver and fall back to the default Windows driver.

The Bluetooth connection suddenly stops working on my computer. The BCM2045 Bluetooth Module update from Broadcom would cause connection problem. This update is embedded within a Windows update package. You would need to remove this update.