CMS50EW Bluetooth Oximeter Support

Bluetooth pulse oximeter cms50ew

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CMS50EW pulse oximeter reference manual (PDF)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The labels on my unit showed CMS50E; however I ordered a CMS50EW. The manufacturer decided to use the same packaging for both CMS50EW and CMS50E. The only difference between these two items is the Bluetooth support represented in the menu with the antenna on/off selection. The best way is to look at the menu and see if you have an entry "Wireless" or "Bluetooth" there. If there is one, it is CMS50EW. Another approach is you can turn the "Wireless" on and your computer or smart phone should be able to discover the CMS50EW.

How to archive the stored data in a computer. See Download data in SpO2 Assistant for more details.

I spent the whole night recording my oxygen level; however the file uploaded is empty. Every time the recording function is turned ON, the saved data inside the oximeter is deleted to free up storage for the new session. After a recording session, set RECORD to off and upload data to the computer. Do not turn RECORD back on again before uploading the data, otherwise the data would be lost.

The computer won't recognize the device. See CP210x connection issues for more details.

SpO2 Assistant questions. Please see SpO2 Assistant FAQ for questions related to the software.

What is the maximum range for the Bluetooth? It is a class II Bluetooth device with a maximum range of 10m and maximum 2.5mW power.

Can CMS50EW be used as a sleep monitor? Yes, an oximeter probe is required. Without the probe, the oximeter will not stay on the finger. The silicon probe is highly recommended for adults because of its tight fit that prevents miss-readings or breaks in the recorded data due to vibration or involuntary movement during sleep. Most sleep study centers use the silicone pocket probe for sleep study.

Can I use CMS50EW on a newborn? Yes, but you will need a attachment sensor probe specially made for babies. This oximeter wrap probe will ensure that it stays attached to the area where it is getting the reading, usually on the left palm of the hand or on either foot. Attach a wrap probe to the baby's toe, foot or hand and plug the probe to CMS50EW. Then push the ON button and start taking readings.

Without the probe, you need to put the baby's toe between the LED lights sensors in order to take a reading. It is possible but cumbersome and the baby’s movement can cause it to get false alarms or completely fall off the foot/hand.

Can CMS50EW be used as a baby sleep monitor for combating SIDS? Yes, the baby wrap probe is required. A baby, if awake, will not let you wrap a probe around his toe or foot. Put it on while the baby is sleeping. The cable should be tied down so the baby cannot grab it.

Can I replace the lithium battery? Yes, but don't do it unless you know what you are doing. The battery compartment is at the back of the machine. You would need to remove the back cover, which is not easy as it is glued to the body. Then replace the battery with another 3.7v lithium battery of similar size. The cables are soldered on to the battery; so attaching the cable to the new battery would require soldering. Luckily the original battery is good for 500+ charge cycles. Replacing a battery is not required in most cases.

The Bluetooth connection does not work. CMS50EW is designed and tested with the Bluetooth driver that comes with Windows. Some third party Bluetooth drivers (e.g. IVT) may cause problems. You may need to uninstall the third party driver and fall back to the default Windows driver.

To test the Bluetooth function, try to pair the oximeter with your cell. Your cell should see the oximeter and prompt for a pairing code (7762). This indicates that the Bluetooth is working properly. If so, the issue is at the Windows computer.

The manufacturer suggested to use Bluetooth adapters based on the CSR master chip. These adapters do not require any additional driver to work and they are cheap. Contact your store for help.

The Bluetooth connection passkey is 7762. However one should not need it when pairing the computer with the device. SpO2 Assistant would automatically connect to the device.

The Bluetooth connection suddenly stops working on my computer. The BCM2045 Bluetooth Module update from Broadcom would cause connection problem. This update is embedded within a Windows update package. You would need to remove this update.