Reusable ECG Clips for MD100x monitors

Reusable ECG Clips for MD100x monitors

Model: ECG-CLIP by Amperor

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ECG clip

The 3-lead ECG cable, including three reusable clips, is designed for the Personal ECG monitor MD100A. Each clip has a large electrode (approx. 22mmx32mm) to ensure proper contacts.

Just attach the ECG clips to your arms and left leg as shown in the diagram below, and plug the cable to MD100A. Make sure that the "RA", "LA" and "LL" cables are connected to the right arm, left arm and left leg respectively. In a few seconds, you are ready to go. There is no more fumbling around with adhesive ECG electrodes.

You would need a good contact between the ECG electrodes and your bare skin. You may need to clean the area with rubbing alcohol and remove any excessive hair.